When not creating cool designs, or fine art, you can find me practicing the martial art aikido in upstate New York.

Who am I and why am I here?

Creativity, art, theatre, social justice, education, and serving others in some capacity are central to my life and have guided my career path. After graduating college, I worked in parish ministry as a pastoral minister, youth minister, and director of religious education at various Minnesota Catholic parishes.

For 18 years, I taught and developed curriculum for high school theology courses at a Catholic school. It was here that I was introduced to various learning technologies such as LMS, Quizlet, gamification, and other digital assets for building curriculum and instruction in the digital space. I fell in love with it.

In 2014, I was one of three high school theology teachers hired by Saint Mary’s Press to blaze a new trail in digital publishing. It was one of the most creative and exciting experiences I’ve ever had; I knew I wanted to continue on this path.

In that light, making the transition from classroom teacher/curriculum developer to full time eLearning developer/instructional designer has been a smooth one. My experience in the classroom and in adult education, coupled with my skills in learning technologies and art has prepared me well.

I relish in utilizing all of my skills, play well with others, and bring enthusiasm, dedication, humor, and focus to my work. If you think I’m a fit for your organization or business, feel free to contact me. Let’s create something together!