To “sell” the new eLearning course (see Understanding Catholicism) to Saint Mary’s Press managers team, my colleagues and I had to present our vision for it. This video does just that; we opened our presentation with it. I created it using the cloud-based software Powtoon. Some of the animation is a little off due to the transfer from the Powtoon to Quick Time Player.

After a 2019 visit to the Maryland Historical Society to see the Hutzler’s Store Exhibit, I was inspired to create this video from the footage and photos I took on my iPhone (hence the poor quality). It’s much easier to share the material with others by way of video as opposed to showing the images one at a time.

Hutzler’s was one of four large department stores at the intersection of Howard and Lexington in downtown Baltimore. My mom used to take me and my sister shopping to all four stores, but Hutzler’s was our favorite, especially its lunch counter in the basement. The exhibit included various artifacts, and a 1938 film of Hutzler’s employees played continuously on a small TV.

I really enjoy creating videos from curated footage and images. The result from the Hutzler’s visit is this little ditty.

Created using iMovie.